Tell The Difference Between Hay Fever And A Cold
Tell The Difference Between Hay Fever And A Cold

Tell The Difference Between Hay Fever And A Cold

A common cold is just one of those illnesses we all get. It’s probably called the common cold for a reason, something to do with its common for all of us 🙂

As the shivers of winter and finally being waved goodbye, as spring is near and approaching, for many the old enemy – hay fever come in strong to replace any winter sniffles we had. Do some research on the web and they estimate that it’s in the region of around 16 million Brits suffer from hay fever. That’s a whopping amount.

Hay fever Springs in

Spring months bring with it those itchy eyes, sniffles and stuffiness. For those of us that have suffered from this for years know the signs, but for some, even adults, it could be the first time you suffer from hay fever. An allergy to pollen can be cyclical it could suddenly hit you as an adult even if you never suffered as a child.

Some information I have read does say that you could even stop suffering from hay fever one year, even though having experienced it all your life. This is something we all hope for.

For those that have never been allergic to pollen or don’t expect to be allergic,  it can be very difficult to distinguish between hay fever and the common cold.

Here are the tell-tail signs for hay fever.


While hay fever and cold symptoms often overlap, there is one manifestation of pollen allergies that is never caused by colds, this is itchiness.

If your eyes, ears, mouth or throat are itchy, it’s probably hay fever. The only exception to this rule is the itchy nose that can precede a sneeze in both hay fever and a cold.

A sore Throat

Hay fever rarely comes with a sore throat – a frequent precursor to the common cold. If you have cold-like symptoms and a sore throat or have had one in the last few days, your condition is more likely to be a cold.

Time and Place

Hay fever season is late March till September, if your symptoms are present during this time then the chances are that it could well be hay fever.

If you’re in a city the pollen sticks to the more polluted air. The chances of it being hay fever are even higher and if your symptoms come on while you’re sitting on the grass, you can bet your pack of tissues its hay fever and not a cold.

These should give you an idea

So, going by the 3 suggestions above you should have an idea now if it’s hay fever or a common cold. If you want confirmation then it would be a good idea to book an appointment with your doctor who will be able to confirm which it is – and potentially prescribe treatment if needed.

For hay fever, there are remedies you can try, but more on these in other posts. For now, I hope you’ve confirmed which it is you are suffering with.

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