How To Cure Hay Fever Permanently?
How To Cure Hay Fever Permanently

How To Cure Hay Fever Permanently?

I know that many of us hay fever suffers will ask the question   How To Cure Hay Fever Permanently‘ at one time or another. We all really get fed up with the itching, swelling eyes, nose, sneezing and all those other irritations – well; we would want to know how to cure hay fever. It’s only natural.

 So, I wanted to take the time to address this question, again from my own experience of having hay fever and my opinion from that experience.

 Can you even cure hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction. It’s not a disease. There is no underline bug causing the issue. Unlike an illness, you can’t wait for your immune system to fight it or take some medicine.

 So, the short answer is that there is no current cure for hay fever. You can’t just take some medicine, and it goes away for good – I know you may read about medicines or remedies that can do this. There is no current cure, as also stated on the NHS Website. Please take this into consideration before going out and parting with any money for treatments.

 Although you can’t cure hay fever, there are medicines and remedies that can help with the symptoms. You can take these to help with the daily irritation caused by the pollen. I have talked about these in other posts and the linked NHS Website above also has some suggestions.

 Does it ever go away?

This is another question I have talked about in other posts, but I will also talk about it here. From my own personal experience, it does get easier.

 I’ve read articles and stories from people who say as they have gotten older their hay fever has gotten easier, some articles even say it has or can go.

 My own experience of this is that this has some truth. If you were to go back to when I was young, this time during the year would come around, and I would have constant itchy red swollen eyes, sneezing and a sore runny nose. This I had for many years, but each year as I got older seemed to be fewer issues.

 Fast-forward to today and I can say that, although I get the odd itchy and red eye, the odd sneeze, it is just now and again. Most of the summer I can go out, walk around fields and wooded areas and not really be too affected.

 Don’t get me wrong, it is still there. I have not got rid of my allergy completely. However, it has eased so much that it’s allowing me to enjoy my summers.

 Now, this may not ease your symptoms now – that’s what the medicines and remedies are for – though I hope it gives you hope for the future. A hope that, you too will have a much easier time in the future. 

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