How Do You Get Rid Of Hay Fever?
How Do You Get Rid Of Hay Fever

How Do You Get Rid Of Hay Fever?

So, a common question we ask (I know I have a few times) is How Do You Get Rid Of Hay Fever? I mean, it’s a really valid question, especially if you have itchy red eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Nobody likes the feeling of being unwell with it.

So, I thought I would take a moment and address this question in this post.

Can we cure hay fever?

So, let’s address the cure question first. Hay fever is an allergy. It’s not an illness where you can take a few pills or wait for your immune system to cure your body. Your body is having an allergic reaction to the pollen. There is a possibility that over time that your body will stop having this allergic reaction (so I read) or that the reaction will become less severe – something I have experienced as I have gotten older. However, you’re not going to take some medicine and it will be gone.

What there is, though, is medicine that will help ease the symptoms of the hay fever. Medicines to help with the allergic reaction.

What medicines?

So, there are a number of medicines you can buy from the chemist for hay fever. The most common tablets I purchase and take contains anti-histamine. Why, because when pollen enters the body of a hay fever sufferer, it triggers the production of histamine, which then creates all those unwanted symptoms. That’s why anti-histamines can help.

I do talk a little more about medicines in my other post When Is It Hay Fever Season.

Are there other remedies?

I’ve read and tried a number of remedies myself through the years like, how I mentioned in my story how I used to have old tea bags on my eyes when swollen shut.

I’ve also read about other remedies such as honey. this post won’t go into these though – I will save that for another. I really just wanted to tackle the subject of How Do You Get Rid Of Hay Fever – which is a question I know many ask – but alas the answer is you can’t, although you can get medicines to help with the symptoms.

I hope that answers your questions. This is based on my 40 years of having hay fever and what I have learned. I would always suggest seeking medical advice though. As I say, this is just my opinion and not based on any medical know how. Always make sure you seek medical advice before trying any medication.

Also, always read the label of any medication before taking it. There is age appropriate antihistamine out there. Make sure that the ages is appropriate to the medication.

Further thoughts

While searching I found this interesting video on the BBC news website that talks about How to manage your hay fever – why not give it a watch

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