How Do I Stop My Eyes From Itching?
How Do I Stop My Eyes From Itching

How Do I Stop My Eyes From Itching?

One of the biggest issues with hay fever for me is itchy eyes. So, in this post, I wanted to address the question of how do I stop my eyes from itching.

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times, and I know its a common question I have come across while searching through many pages and forums.

Let me at a quick caveat of – these are the solutions I use to help me and to try and stop my eyes from itching. Some or all of these may also help you, but just be aware that some of these may not work for you.

1) Try to stop the pollen getting in

The first stage of what I follow to try and stop my eyes itching is, to, try and stop the pollen getting into my eyes in the first place. There are a couple of things I do for this.


The first thing I do is wear sunglasses. It doesn’t have to be sunglasses per say, regular glasses are also good.

The idea and reason behind this is, with pollen blowing in the air – without a barrier, pollen can easily just blow on the breeze straight into your eyes.

Wearing glasses, or sunglasses as in my case just puts a little barrier there. Now, this won’t stop all of the pollen getting to your eyes – but it is a barrier between the breeze and your eyes meaning some of the pollen will just hit the glasses. I’m not sure of the percentage, but I find that wearing sunglasses does produce a reduction in the times my eyes itch.

Shaking pollen off clothes

The next thing I often do, and this I feel also helps with my sneezing, is that I shake off my clothes when appropriate.

If I’ve been outside for a walk, somewhere there is lots of grass or trees, then pollen could collect on my clothes. This means I am walking around, carrying the exact thing that could cause me to have sneezes or itching eyes.

So, whenever I can, I will go somewhere more private, take off my top and shake it down, being careful when doing so not to breath in the pollen or shake in a way that it could go towards my eyes,

This is a preventative measure I take in an attempt to reduce the pollen I could come in contact with. It’s not by any means a scientific solution, more of a ritual I have picked up through my years.

2) If the pollen is in and I have red eyes

In the case that my eyes have already gotten sore and gone red, then I try the following to try and cool them down and attempt to reduce the pollen in them.

Washing out my eyes with water

This one is probably the obvious one. Your eyes are red, a little swollen and full of pollen so – we splash some water in them. Well, probably splash a lot. If you have one of those eye bathing type cups, use that.

You really want to get some water in them to sooth and wash. This is something I have done for many years and it’s probably the best solution for myself. Though, you tend to get a little wet.

Eye drops

So, you can get all types of eye drops from the chemist. You can get some for tired eyes, red sore eyes and more.

I have tried drops in the past, in fact, I’ve been prescribed eye drops many times. At those times when I had red and sore eyes and the drops did help. Those were for a solution of when my eyes had gotten quite sore. There more the final stage for me.

If I can’t keep them from going red and sore, and I can’t get them to cool down with water. Then I will head out and check with the chemist for the best eye drops.

Other remedies

I only want to talk about one other thing that I have tried, or rather was tried on me. I’ve actually talked about this in other posts so you may want to go find them.

When I was young my eyes swollen and got stuck shut. This happened a few times. A kind of old wives remedy it seems, was to put used cold teabags on them. I’m not sure of the reasoning – but as a kid, I had these on my closed eyelids often.

If anyone does know the reason why they say this then please do let me know.

That’s how I try to stop my eyes from itching

All the things I have mentioned in this post are things I do to try and stop my eyes from itching, going red and sore. It’s certainly not the biggest list – I only wanted to list things I have tried and what I think works.

If you have any other solutions then please do feel free to leave them in a comment below. I always enjoy learning new things – and the goal is to make sure that everyone gets all the useful info they can – to help stop their suffering.

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