Hay Fever – My Story
Hay Fever My Story

Hay Fever – My Story

So, I wanted to talk a little about my story, talk about where it all started, with Hay Fever that is, and maybe a little about how I have dealt with it through the years.

It all started about 40 years ago…

So, for me, it started when I was a child. Up until the age of around 8-10 years (can’t remember my exact age) and I had never once had a problem with grass pollen. We used to play lots on this waste ground I supposed you could call it, which also lead to the school field – which was also right of way. I remember one day playing with my friends in the grass, few little nats flying. My eyes started to itch – and as you do as a child I believe I must have rubbed them a little.

I remember going back home and my eyes felt a little sore and were red. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t open my eyes. They had swollen up and wept so they had stuck shut. I remember that lasting for 2-3 days. I remember having used cold teabags put on them (was supposed to help I believe). That was the first time I really suffered from hay fever.

Over the next X number of years

For the next X number of years, I can’t remember how many exactly, I would suffer in the same way. Come summertime I would have swollen eyes. I had eye drops prescribed. The doctors thought I had light sensitivity issues on top of the hay fever which would lead to more eye infections and problems, I prescribed by the doctor to wear sunglasses in class – bonus.

Each year, the summer would come through, and each year my eyes would flame up. I did (and still do) get sneezes and snivels, but for me, the worst was my itchy and infected eyes. It’s funny how it all works out, because for some its the sneezing, for me it was the eyes.

Eventually, it got a little easier

Over the years, around 40 now, I’ve always had these problems. Even today I get red eye quite a bit in summer and they do itch, usually only 1 at a time now though with the odd occasion of it being both. That all said though, over the years I do believe the hay fever has settled a bit. Today I get the odd sneeze, the odd red eye. I do try to stay away from grass and tree’s, though its impossible to do so.

I do on occasion take hay fever tablets. I used to more when I was riding a motorbike every day. I found that riding forced the pollen into my face quicker, faster, so I always had a 1 a day hay fever tablet. As I say though, today I don’t take them every day, just when I know the pollen count will be high. It’s eased but not gone after all.

Now, I could give you a blow by blow of it all over the years, but I won’t. There are many other stories and things I have tried I will leave for future posts. In this post, I just wanted to introduce my start to my journey with hay fever. This is me, Sean, and I have hay fever.

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