Hay Fever Alternative Remedy – Nasal Filters
Hay Fever Alternative Remedy - Nasal Filters

Hay Fever Alternative Remedy – Nasal Filters

Now, I was a bit amused which I came across these nasal filters while browsing through the alternative remedies on Amazon. They peaked my interest so much that I just had to do a little more research and share that with you.

Hay Fever – Nasal Filters

So, just in case you were wondering what these were – or if you want to know the latest price, then you can find the latest price for these items by hovering and clicking the below image

They peaked my interest at first as they look like something that would be worn in a film based in the future where the atmosphere is polluted… Do they remind you of the same?

The idea is that you stick one up each of the nostrils and they filter the air that is sucked up through your nostrils, therefore filtering out the inhaled allergens such as pollen, which would cause you to sneeze.

They also come in a couple of different shapes, Round and Slotted, to best fit most shapes of a nose.

Nasal Filters Details

So, the above item is a particular brand called ‘WoodyKnows‘ and the following details are taken from their listing, giving the details about this product they list. I’ve never used this product, yet, so can’t confirm all these – this post is just about my findings and research.

So firstly, let’s look at some points they list about this product.

  • Invisible and more convenient
  • Filter pollen, dust, PM2.5
  • Suit for many applications
  • Not muggy in summer
  • Reusable frames
  • Won’t mess up makeup
  • Small and portable

So, for me, the most important factor is the second item of filter pollen. Looking at the images I would argue the first, purely because although the filters themselves maybe invisible, there is still a centrepiece that goes between each nostril – not too invisible – but maybe not too visible either.

I don’t wear makeup myself so I’m not too worried about this one, but I can see the use of them being small and portable, having reusable frames (environmental) and so on.

How do They Work

Again, taking a look at the details of this particular product, these are the details they give on how they work.

  • Nasal Filter(Nasal Screen) offers an instant allergy relief.
  • It physically blocks airborne allergens such as pollen, grass, dust, pet hair, dander & mould, and PM 2.5.
  • The frame of the nasal filter is made of very soft plastic(Latex, BPA and Phthalate-free) for your safety, comfort and fit.
  • The replacement filter is made of cutting-edge electrostatic filter for effective filtration.
  • It’s the most comfortable and safest anti-allergy solution on the market.

Really kind of backs up what I thought on how they worked, in that they block the allergens from going in through your nose.

What Are The Advantages Of Nasal Filters

I also wanted to list some details on any advantages of using nasal filters, which I read from my own research.

  • Physical Protection from Allergy – Nasal Filter, as a physical way to block inhaled allergens, can protect you from allergens in advance. It’s a good alternative to nasal spray, also a good combination with it to achieve the best anti-allergy results.
  • Instant Allergy Relief – Electrostatic filters are very effective in keeping indoor and outdoor allergens(pollen, dust, dander & mould, pet hair, mould PM 2.5 etc.) from getting into your nose. It will protect you against nasal allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis.

So, What Do I Think

The reality of it is that these have really peaked my interest. I really want to give them a try to see if they help with my hay fever allergy. I have to say though that these are not a total solution.

As my research suggests, to me, that they are designed to stop allergens going through into my nose. However, they are not going to stop the allergens getting into my eyes and causing them to itch and be irritated.

This alone tells me they are not a total solution. However, if you are more prone to the sneezing and runny nose then these may prove useful.

I’m going to be trying some out I think, see how they go with my trips to The New Forest here in the UK – and see if they stop those pollen allergens getting into my system.

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