Hate Hay Fever But Love Summer And Why Antihistamines Changed That For Me

Hate Hay Fever But Love Summer And Why Antihistamines Changed That For Me

I really Hate Hay Fever But Love Summer. Before I begin, this post is more a personal post, talking about me and my love for summer and hate for hay fever. It’s most likely a common thing, that internal struggle between being able to enjoy the day in a t-shirt against a runny nose and itchy irritation in the eyes. It’s not a reasonable conflict to pick from really, well unless you really do prefer winter. I love summer, but I hate my hay fever.

Some help with antihistamine my hate of hay fever

When I was much younger I didn’t know too much about antihistamines. I don’t know much about its availability, but also coming from a less well-off family, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. So I was reliant on seeing the doctor, getting eye drops and tablets from them, as well as the old wives tales remedies.

As I went to work, started to earn my own money, then I did start to invest some in getting some antihistamine for myself to tackle and attempt to limit my hay fever ailments. I have to say that taking the antihistamine really opened up summer to me again.

I feel like I should explain more. When I was younger, summer would come and we, being children, would want to go out and play. Where I lived, that meant going over to either some wooded area or waste ground that was full of grass. That meant, when summer came I would get bad hay fever. Really itchy red eyes, runny nose and sneezing meant that I could only play for so long before it became too uncomfortable.

I would then spent a few days with swollen eyes, sometimes swollen shut. So, even though I loved when summer came (including the 6 weeks school summer holiday), I also knew that I would be suffering.

Why antihistamine changed my summer

That is why, when I could afford to buy antihistamines, it changed my life. Although at that time, I was no longer of an age where I would go out playing, it did mean though that I could start to enjoy summer again. I could happily go out, go walking in the woods, take photos and generally enjoy life.

Now, it may sound like I am going on and on about the effect that antihistamine had on me, but I really can’t emphasise enough how much my enjoyment of summer changed after starting to buy and take these. Now, there is a probability that not everyone will have this same profound change, but with the cost of antihistamine being so cheap these days – as long as your not allergic to them 🙂 then they are cheap enough to try.

The one thing I have to add though is that this is my own story, my own opinion and I am not a medical professional. I’m not giving you medical advice, I am merely stating how my hate for summer was change by taking an antihistamine. I would always suggest seeing a doctor if you are worried or need some medical advice.

I now love summer

I have to say that now I love summer. I love it because I know I can take some antihistamine and it will help with the ailments I get because of hay fever. It has given me options to get out and walk, take photos, really enjoy the summer. I really hope you can find that life-changing thing too, that which changes you summer opinion and helps you manage your hay fever symptoms.

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