Can Honey Cure Hay Fever?
Can Honey Cure Hay Fever

Can Honey Cure Hay Fever?

Can Honey Cure Hay Fever? This was never a question I asked myself any of the years I have suffered from hay fever. However, while searching for answers I saw many questions on this subject – so it peaked my interest enough for me to take a look and write this post.

What is the theory – why honey?

So, my first real question was – what is the theory behind this? Why would people think that honey could cure hay fever? Or rather, can eating Local Honey cure hay fever, as its the local honey part that is the key to the theory.

Seems like a strange medication really. Something sweet? The theory is that local pollen in honey can desensitise the allergic reaction. That’s it, the idea is that you are eating something that is made out of the pollen you will be sneezing too, and the idea is to just desensitise you.

If this was to work though, you would need to only eat local honey – so if you were to move, then you would have to start all over again.

The reality – the answer to the question

So, before we give our answer, let’s look at one fact about the pollen that makes the honey.

The pollen in honey is nearly all the heavy, flower pollen – this is the pollen that doesn’t cause hay fever. The pollen that sets your nose running is much lighter and comes from grasses and trees, the types of things that bees don’t visit.

So, the theory is that you are desensitising yourself to the pollen that gives you the allergy, however, the honey is not made from the pollens that you are getting hay fever from.

This fact alone should give you your answer. Just to make it clear though, the research I did suggested that this was a myth. Many tests completed to see if honey had any impact concluded that it had no impact. Which is really a shame because if it was to work then I know we’d all be out sourcing honey.

If you did want to try it yourself

That said, if you did want to try this yourself then there is one thing you need to consider. Just starting to eat honey in the hay fever months would not be the time to start. You would need to start eating the honey a good 6 months before the hay fever season – to give your system time to become desensitised.

The tests I read of did say that eating honey had no impact. However, I would say – ‘what have you got to lose?’. Hay fever is a terrible thing during the summer months – so if we had the chance to ease it, even just a little bit, for the price of some honey – then why not give it a try.

If it doesn’t work, then you are still eating something sweet with your food. Don’t be too upset if it has no impact though. The short answer is that no evidence concludes it works.

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